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Company Profile

Ishiguro Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, Japan

We are established manufacturer of novel products for the office furniture industry and the creator of
the industry standard PLA-PART brand, serving our customers with pride for over 70-years.


Yasuaki Ohno

Representative Director,
President and CEO

Yasuaki Ohno

The History of Ishiguro

Ishiguro Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a family-owned manufacturer of office furniture parts. Founded in Tokyo in 1945 with a single office, we created our trademark product brand, PLA-PART in 1960. After half a century of customer satisfaction, the PLA-PART brand has become a general term in Japan associated with high-end, functional parts for office furniture.

Our 70-years of trusted service to our customers allows Ishiguro to proudly maintain and nurture mutually beneficial business relationships with more than 1,000 companies, including some of the largest office furniture manufacturers in the world, such as Okamura Corp. and KOKUYO Co., Ltd.

Our product lines include functional parts for furniture including: adjusters, casters, wooden furniture glides and plastic window shutters, to name a few. Related products include functional power outlets and components that allow manufacturers of standup desks to electrify their products. We also serve customers in the medical and laboratory furniture space with our specialty lines.

We employ the latest in three-dimensional CAD and CA\4 technology to conduct fast-paced, creative design and development of products at our three testing facilities in Japan. Our quality control operations are also based in our Japan facilities to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


A Japanese Brand Known for Quality

An Established Track Record

Technical and development prowess


The Environment

Our Management Philosophy

Our Management Strategy

As part of our management strategy, our corporate priorities, in order, include:

  1. Strength product and service capabilities (management vision).
  2. Sales prowess (earn the appreciation and satisfaction of our customers).
  3. Environmental improvement through sustainable design and manufacturing processes (improve our world).